Curriculum Advisory Committee

We are drawing ideas and resources from experts around the region. The Venture has engaged advisors from Harris-Stowe State University (a Historically Black University), Saint Louis University, Washington University in St. Louis, and St. Louis Community College.

These institutions, along with St. Louis University High School, are actively engaged with our educational efforts. 

  • They provide faculty and students to speak in our Ambassador and Classroom Outreach Programs. 
  • They welcome students and their parents to visit their science labs and research gardens.
  • They offer classes in cooking and nutrition
  • They offer opportunities to dream about the future and learn about college life.

The aim of such encounters is not only to enhance STEAM education. It is to make college a familiar and attractive goal to inspire our students to do well in their studies in primary and secondary school.

Our Current Advisors:

  • Mr. William Anderson, Chemistry and Environmental Science, Saint Louis University High School
  • Dr. Molly Schaller, Associate Vice President for Mission and Ministry, Saint Louis University
  • Dr. Rachell Smith, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Washington University
  • Dr. Rochell Smith, Assistant Provost for Diversity, Washington University
  • Dr. Tommie Y. Turner, Director of the Institute for Sciences and Mathematics, Harris-Stowe State University