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The Marvelous Adventures of the Green Thumb Ambassadors

The Green Thumb Ambassadors planted tiny seeds called basil. We planted five rows and named each row that we planted. They were called Apple,Bob,Tom,Sam, and Tristan! It was hard to space them out evenly, because they were so tiny. They were 20 times smaller than peas! We watered them daily and made sure they were moist.When they finally started growing they were white and furry. They grew rapidly and we were all astonished. On week 4 we thinned the majority of them, but transplanted some of them because we didn't want them to go to waist. For a couple of days in week five we had a gigantic and dangerous drought! We were unable to water poor and pitiful plants. They suffered greatly and were badly damaged.Tuesday we harvested the basil plants and took pictures of them. Then, we washed them. Now we plan on eating them with pizza and spaghetti and chicken. Maybe even ice cream ! We all had an amazing time in the The Marvelous Adventures Of The Green House Ambassadors!

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