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Sandy-Loam VS Miracle-Grow, Basil Conquers All

Basil is used for cooking and consumption. Many people  grow basil at home. We decided to use basil as a guinea pig for our experiment. We had 2 trays of different soils, sandy loam and Miracle Grow. We planted basil in both of the trays and measured them as they started to grow. There were three different schools with us, and together we made four different schools working on this project. Each school had a different mixture of soil.

 We had sandy loam, and it isn't doing to well. There are big patches of  gray and yellow and brown on the basil leaves, and the leaves are wilted, not nicely curved as regular basil is. So this is only a small portion on the soils. there are many types of soil in this expirment. the types are sandy loam, clay sand and loam, compost and clay,and clay loam and compost.

Along with the maricel grow which  in this case is the control. now that you ,the reader, know what the soils are nw it is time to explain how well they grew plants.

Sandy loam was the best in this case. next up was compost and clay third  was loam and clay and finally was sand loam and clay. 

On a scale of 1-10 we voted on the quality of the sandy loam soil in comparison to miracle grow: 1 being the worse and 10 being the best 

  • Sean:7.5
  • Carmen: 3
  • Maddie : 3
  • Jens 5.5
  • Callie: 10.7


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